Determining Your Interior Design: Classic or Simple

classic home ideaDeciding the right interior design for your house can be a daunting task. You may worry whether the design you choose will give a good effect to your house atmosphere or not. No wonder that a lot of people spend much time to think about this one. There are many considerations they take to get a beautiful yet comfortable house. The interior design should be suitable with the lifestyle and also functional.

The first thing you may consider is the furniture for your interior. The choice of the furniture can show your interior design. However, besides furniture, there are other things to think about; the element constructing the room such as wall, ceiling, and floor. Along with the furniture and other accessories, those elements have a different power which works in a synergy to create a style. Therefore there will be a harmony created by the whole elements, resulting on a right harmonious combination.

For example, you want to have a classic interior. What you can do is to install wallpaper with floral or trendily pattern. It will make your room look classic. If you won’t make the wall look stressful, you just need to install the wallpaper on one side of the wall, not the whole sides. Or, you can split the wall horizontally into two sides. For the lower side, use any neutral or soft color.

Besides having a good time with your wall, you can also highlight the ceiling design. A drop ceiling design would be a good idea. Apply some carving on the ceiling on a certain layer. To make it more beautiful, use warm yellow lighting hidden behind the second layer. You, then, will be amazed by its romantic and artistic effect.With this design, you can feel the classic atmosphere so that you need to have some touch in the furniture along with the accessories.

Meanwhile, if you prefer a modern interior design, you will be more concerned to the simplicity of each supporting interior element. The wall will be great to be plain with a bright color. Or you can install wallpaper with vertical lines. If you are interested in drop ceiling you still can install it. Yet you need to avoid applying any motif so that the modern impression would still be there.

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