Different Awe-Inspiring Bathroom Styles You Need to Know

Unique Pop Art Bathroom Design with Mosaic TilesThere are many different bathroom styles you can choose according to your taste. To make it easier when designing it, find a theme for your bathroom design first. A theme can describe the homeowner’s personality.

The development of design is always interesting to know. There are eras of attractive de stijl with a simple appearance up to futuristic era which is closely related to advanced technology. Everything can be applied in your bathroom. Here we share different bathroom styles which might be useful for you.

De Stijl (the style)
De Stijl bathroom style evolved in 1917 initiated by Piet Mondrian. It is famous of its artworks such as paintings with perpendicular black lines composition in red, yellow, blue, and white. The contrast color can be an inspiration for the design of your bathroom. You can try to adapt the composition of the colors in the color selection of the floor tiles. Different sizes of floor tiles will make the bathroom look more attractive.

When thinking about the word futuristic, our minds will immediately imagine the future along with the advanced technology. One of the new technologies related to tiles is nano polished. The surface of the tiles is smoother with small pores. With this technology, the tiles would be more easily cleaned. For futuristic style bathroom, you can apply nano polished tile on the walls and floor. In terms of the design, you can experiment with different shapes.

Pop art
You can also design your bathroom with a pop art style. You can choose an interesting figure you like, and then compile the mosaic by adapting pop art colors. With various mosaic colors, you can get a smooth color gradation. For wet shower area, you can use a mosaic of homogeneous tiles. The advantage you get is on the choice of color; there are lots of color choices which are resistant to water splash continuously.

Post modern
This style is related with the antithesis. If you want an eccentric bathroom, try to apply this past modern bathroom theme. For example, bring a natural outdoor atmosphere into the bathroom. You can use plain white tiles, and then paint the surface with the view of outdoor space. The painting material you can use is acrylic paint with a final layer of weather shield paint which is resistant to weather changes.

The word retro means coming back. You can create a retro bathroom design starting from the selection of tiles. For example, you can combine the antique motif tiles with the present or modern motif tiles. Antique tiles can serve as an accent in the dry zone bathroom, such as the sink and toilet area.

The design of the bathroom should not be too far from the main theme of the house, because the bathroom is located inside house. For instance, it would look awkward when you build a classic house with a futuristic style bathroom.

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