Different Bedroom Designs for Different Ages

Colorful Kids' Room DesignEach bedroom is made by considering the activity or condition of the owners. Broadly speaking, these functions can be classified according to the owners’ range of age.

A master bedroom is usually a collaboration of the owner’s taste with the partner’s which apparently might be different. To adopt such a distinction, it can be dealt by taking a neutral design theme for their convenience. Or, if it is possible, combining two desired style can be a better idea.

If only there were another requirement of one of its users, such as other activities like work, hobbies or activities in the bedroom, it can be placed additional furniture that can support it. When the space is fairly small, the users need to determine the most useful furniture to be placed in the bedroom.

A teenager’s room design would be much different from a master bedroom. The design should represent the personality of the teenager. It should also be planned some specific areas for hobbies, displaying a collection, and so forth.

Teens and children’s bedroom
Teenagers are young people between the age of 12 and 19 years old.  Although teens already have a sufficient understanding of their needs and wants, parents should provide guidance in designing and selecting furnishings for their bedroom. Teen’s bedroom is usually used for learning activities. Make sure that the room is comfortable and relieved to learn. For example, by placing a desk near the window that gets enough sunlight and fresh air.

For a children’s (under 12 years) room, a design theme with various colors and shapes and colors will stimulate their brain and stimulate creativity in playing and learning. The selection of the safe furniture is equally important. Avoid choosing furniture that endangers the safety of the child. For example, parents need to avoid some furniture which contains hazardous substance, furniture which has sharp corners, and the one which is made ​​up of small parts that easily dislodged.

As children usually have a lot of toys, parents should provide enough storage space to keep toys so that the room looks neat. In addition, it will ease the kids to find their toys.

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