Different Lighting for the Three Main Areas of Bathrooms

Bathroom Lighting FixturesEvery room in a house, including the bathroom, definitely needs sufficient lighting. There are at least three main areas in a bathroom which requires different lighting. What are they?

Generally a bathroom can be divided into three main areas which are the area shower, toilet, and vanity. Every area serves different activities. Well, each of these activities needs different lighting. In addition to the different activities, our habit in the bathroom also determines the type of lighting which is appropriate to be applied.

Everyone has different hobbies. Some people like reading, even they read on the toilet. Not few of them even put a mini bookshelf in this area so that they have a collection of books inside the bathroom. For this case, they need to provide special lighting in the toilet area. It is intended to facilitate them to read comfortably. It will be different for those who do not usually read or do other activities here. The glow of indirect light or down light could be enough for this.

The next area that should be taken into account is the sink or vanity area. Various activities can be done here, starting from just washing hands, brushing teeth, shaving, up to dressing up. If it is only for washing hands, it may not require any special lighting. But when it deals with the face such as brushing teeth, dressing, and shaving, it is important to apply lighting that can illuminate the face.

For the sink area, the suitable lighting is the one on the right and left side of the mirror. Why not from above? The reason is that the light from the lamp on the left and right would fall right on to the face without creating shadows. Meanwhile, the light of the above would cast a shadow, so that the whole face will not clearly visible.

It would be different with lighting in the shower area. This area is exposed to water which makes it wet and damp. Therefore, we need a lamp that has a good resistance against water splashes and steam. This thing is important to consider because water splashes and dampness could be one cause of short circuit which can damage the lamp.

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