Different Types of Kitchen Designs We Can Apply

Modern White Orange Kitchen DesignThe function of a current kitchen is not just as a place to cook, but also can provide more value to the interior design of the house. In this modern age, the shapes of a kitchen also vary, providing a lot of options to beautify our interior.

Kitchen can be divided into two types, namely the clean kitchen and dirty kitchen. The clean kitchen is becoming the trend in today’s society because it can increase the value of the entire interior. When the kitchen is good, it will make the entire home interior more attractive.

The clean kitchen can be placed near the family room or dining table because it is its function to be a place to serve foods. Meanwhile, the dirty kitchen serves as the place for the cooking process.

The kitchen shape is associated with the amount of the space available. Kitchen design could form a single line, double line, U shape, L-shape, or island shape. Whatever the type is, make sure the kitchen is able to accommodate the cooking utensils and of course can make you feel comfortable when cooking.

Single line kitchen
This type of kitchen has a single line shape. It is widely found in a not too large kitchen or the one with has a long side. To ease you when working in the kitchen, the sink is placed in the center of the kitchen set. In addition, avoid a linear shape which is too long because it can make you feel tired.

Double line kitchen
This kitchen design is usually called as a corridor shape kitchen. Here the clean and dirty kitchen set is placed face to face. It is very helpful to separate the clean kitchen and dirty kitchen. It would be better when the stove and sink are placed in one straight line so that the other side can be used as storage.

L shape kitchen
This is the most widely kitchen set design used because it is believed to be functional and optimal. This kitchen design is often applied in a minimalist kitchen. The circulation flow in the L kitchen is relatively comfortable. Generally, the kitchen utensils and foodstuff are located in a reachable position. The separation of dirty and clean kitchen set is also easier because there is a corner side. This L kitchen type is very suitable for a kitchen which is joined with another room such as a dining room or family room.

U shape kitchen
This kitchen set design has a spacious storage space and is believed as the most ideal kitchen design. It can be made one with a bar so that you can have a kitchen set and a place to eat at once. Each part of this space can be really used functionally.

Island kitchen
Island kitchen design is actually the U or L kitchen type, added with a table in the center of the room. Providing an exclusive impression to the kitchen interior, this island kitchen can be applied to all kitchen set with a quite large space. In this design, the cooking appliances such as stove, oven, or cooker hood are separated from other utensils, as if making an island surrounded by kitchen cabinets. In addition to stove and oven, the island can also be a table to serve foods or even a dining table.

To sum up, there are several kitchen design types we can choose. To choose it, we should consider our taste, needs, and the available space. Every kitchen design has its own advantages and disadvantages. The arrangement pattern of the kitchen set should also be adjusted to the kitchen shape so that the kitchen can look neat and functional.

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