Does a Bathroom Door Facing the Living Room Bring Bad Luck?

Sliding Door in Living RoomIt is true that a bathroom near or adjacent to the living room is less pleasing to the eye, moreover when the bathroom door faces the living room, exactly to the seat / sofa where guests sit. Apart from being less ethical and beautiful, of course, this position will make your guests feel less comfortable.

Sha Qi energy
Although your toilet is very well maintained, clean, and fragrant, it is, still, a toilet. From Feng Shui’s point of view, the location of the bathroom door facing directly to the living room can bring Sha Qi or energy which is often referred to as killer elements. Sha Qi can absorb sustenance (Sheng Qi entering and being inside your home). Guests who visit your house with good intentions can be affected by bad energy coming from the bathroom.

For example, there is your friend who comes to your home to give a gift to you. Initially he is very sincere to give you gifts, but as the Sha Qi energy from your bathroom influences the mind, suddenly your friend expects a much greater reward, e.g. getting money, wants to be promoted to a higher position, etc.. This could happen because the Sha Qi energy has influenced your friend’s good mind.

How to avoid Sha Qi energy
To avoid Sha Qi energy, you should always close your bathroom door. It is the easiest and quickest solution you can do. But if you want to change the layout of the bathroom door, you can do the following tips.

Place the bathroom door at another wall part which does not face directly to the living room. If you are not likely to change the position of the bathroom door because of limited space, you can put a divider or partition right in front of the bathroom door so that your guests’ view toward the bathroom will be obscured by this divider.

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