Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing Wall Paint Colors

Beautiful Interior Paint Color SchemeColor can give certain effects to us both physically and psychologically. Color can also create and change our mood, making it more calm, warm, comfortable, and even colors evoke appetite. Color greatly affects us every day. We are all free to choose any color and it could be a major impact on our lives. Every person has a unique personality as well as color. Any color can create a certain energy in a room.

That is why it is very important to choose color on your walls thoroughly. Wall paint color will affect the decoration and the concept of a room. The following are the do’s and don’ts when choosing a wall paint color:


  1. Dare to play with colors. A color is able to provide a character for a room. Combine bright colors with the neutral and dark ones. You can also add some patterns to make the wall more attractive, such as stripped or polka dot pattern.
  2. Pay attention to the ceiling. This is the part that is often forgotten in the house painting. Some people use too much white on the ceiling simply because it is practical. You can actually try adjusting the color of the ceiling with the wall or choose a more striking color. Dark ceiling will make a room seem shorter, while on the contrary, the selection of bright colors will make a room seem higher.
  3. Color can affect mood. Make sure before determining the color of the paint, you have thought about what atmosphere you want to present in the room. If you want a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, try to apply green or blue color. While if you want to feel more cheerful and energetic, use yellow and orange.


  1. Humans require variations in life, as well as homes. Avoid painting the entire house with white color. Many people think white is perfect because it makes a house look bigger, fresh and clean. Select white only as the main color, while you can choose different yet still matching paint colors for other rooms such as family room and dining room.
  2. Do not choose a color just because of a trend. Each year, color trend, both in fashion and interior, is always present. But that does not mean you have to follow them, especially when it comes to choosing colors for home. Choose one that suits your personality or favorite color. If you feel that blue is comfortable, then do not need to select pink color just because it is in. Still want to follow the trend? Simply apply the color in accessories such as decorative cushions or table display.
  3. Do not always play safe. Many people choose bright or pastel colors to paint the house because they think these colors will make the house more spacious. But actually it is just a myth since dark or bright colors do not always make the room look wider or narrower; how these colors can reflect as much light as possible does. For example, a dusty blue color absorbs light so it can make a room look dim.

You can request samples of paint color and apply the color in some parts of your house, e.g. the door, where you can see into the other rooms. See how the colors change the look of the room during the day to night. Try some samples until you find the one that most perfectly reflects light that will make the room look larger.

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