Easy and Inexpensive Home Decorating Ideas You Should Try

Pink Living Room Decor with Colorful Sofa CushionsArchitecture and design magazines often present stylish home interior decor pictures that might amaze you. Those amazing decors are usually created by professional decorators. Have you ever thought of decorating your own home to look cool just like those on the magazine? Well, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to hire a professional home decorator. Here’s how to decor your own home. It’s just simple and definitely low-cost!

The first thing you should do is see the entire part of the house and find what colors are there. Find out if there is a color that dominates. If all the colors in the house are neutral, add one or two striking color through accents.

You do not need to re paint the house or do extreme things to give your house a different look. Simply buy some fresh red apples, and put them in a basket. Use this as an accent on your dining table or coffee table. Also, you can put a bright colored teapot on the stove.

After adding interesting colors to the home, make sure you make the interior more comfortable. Comfort can make a home look appealing. To that end, it is recommended using cushions to decorate and add comfort to the sofa. Cushion is a relatively inexpensive stuff which can be changed over time and is able to refresh a room.

You can use cushions in different sizes. For example, use a cushion of 20 inches (50 cm) and mix it with the 45 cm, 55 cm, up to 66 cm ones for a bed or a daybed. In addition, you can use an interesting blanket to cover the couch surface. Find a blanket that resembles a fleece to give the impression of luxury and comfort at the same time.

Then, use plants to create a height in the house. Plants can also be used as decorative object in the bathroom, especially flowers such as orchids. In addition to flowers, your bathroom can look elegant with the use of the tray to accommodate toiletries. Imitate the existing bathrooms in the hotel.

Still in the bathroom, make sure you use a white towel. Towel with white color looks more elegant than the other colored towels. Also put candles in the bathroom. White candles can give the impression of peace.

Furthermore, decorate the corners of the house with a group of ornaments consisting of three objects. Three vases or three pots with different sizes and shapes can get a special attention. You can also decorate some parts of the house by using the whiteboard. The kitchen is the most suitable location to put the board. You can write a shopping list, menu to be cooked the next day, or put a favorite motivational phrase.

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