Easy and Simple Ways to Get Rid of Pests from Your House

Rat in KitchenPests such as rats, cockroaches, termites, and ants often stop at your house. Not just for stopping a while, they even come to stay and settle in your house.

Compiled from various sources, the following are tips to repel pests in your house:

Previously, old rats would start looking for foods when the night comes. Yet, nowadays we often find rats are already wandering in the afternoon to find some food in the kitchen. The first way to get rid of rats from house is by spreading powdered camphor in rat hiding places. The second way is put a cut noni fruit in a place where the rats often pass. They will be scared since rats do not like the smell of noni fruits.

You can use lime to get rid of ants. But if it does not work, you can use the liquid of cloth washing soap as an alternative. Mix ½ to one teaspoon of soap with enough water. Then spray it towards the ants. To eradicate the nest, mix coffee grounds with a little water and pour it over the anthill.

If other insects are a bit shy in the presence of humans, not so with cockroaches. These animals walk using a sensor, so they will be close to the source of the move. To get rid of cockroaches from the house you can mix ¼ liter of water, 10 ml alcohol 75%, and 20 milliliters of clove mashed. Then, spray the liquid into places that are often visited cockroach. Another way is to spread the dried pepper leaves into a cockroach nest.

The food for termites is wood furniture in the house. Say goodbye to termite using termite repellent liquid commonly sold in chemical stores. How to use it is to spray the mixture liquid on the wood attacked by termites or directly to the termite nest, so that you can kill the termites and prevent other termites to come.

Good luck!

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