Easy Tips for a Comfortable Workspace Design that Enhances Productivity

Stylish Workspace Design with Wooden TableEveryone will want to have their own workspace, a small quiet room where you can spend time with your favorite books without interruption. However, if you live in a small home or apartment with limited space, this is probably just a wishful thinking. But, according to Shweta Kaushi, a design consultant from Mumbai, India, it is not impossible to do so.

Here are some ideas you can use to make a comfortable private workroom design:

What theme do you want for your workspace? Your comfort level is determined from the major theme of the room itself.

Whatever the theme is, formal or informal, try to make everything is easy to do in that room. For example, a coffee table can be used not only to put a glass but also a computer or laptop. Or, you need a large table that can also accommodate printers, scanners, routers, and so forth.

The role of light is very important to help you complete tasks or simply read books. Of course you do not need a too bright or too dim light in this room. If there are windows in the room, try to use blinds to set the amount of the natural lights entering the workspace during the daytime. A workroom should also have recessed lights to help light spread throughout the space. Use the pendant to illuminate one particular corner of the room.

Choose the color that suits your personality. Color selection is usually a bit tricky since even though everyone knows their favorite color, they are not sure whether it is the right color when applied in the home office. The wall colors widely applied in a workroom are green, bright yellow, and beige. All three of these colors give a soothing effect.

There is some furniture that must exist in your private workroom or study room, which are desks, bookcases, and chairs. The remaining furniture should be the one that can really be used. Shweta said that people should keep everything ergonomics, such as seating, desks’ height, and the right footrest. It is aimed to create a comfortable and productive work space atmosphere. You can also use other furniture and accessories for your private work space, such as rugs, carpet, cushions, and a mini fridge for drinks and snacks.

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