Easy Tips to Beautify your Tiny House Exterior

Small Garden Idea with Seats and HammockLiving in a tiny house is somehow tricky. You cannot do many things to decorate both the interior and exterior of the house. Typically, tiny house owners will only put one or two seats and table to beautify the pation. In fact, with a little touch, you can turn your tiny house exterior into something attractive and beautiful.

The exterior design of your home is actually very dependent on the tastes and ideas that you have. The most important thing is the effort to make your home look more alive than making it covered with objects or plants that are not too important to put in there.

There are many ideas that can be applied to enhance your small house exterior. For example, you can put a medium sized flower pot in front of the house. By doing so, you can even obtain the fragrant scent entering the house, creating a refreshing interior feel. It is also a good idea to have quite high green plants in pots placed in the corner of the patio.

Next, place a rattan sofa or wooden bench with a comfortable cushion next to the potted plants. In order to obtain an attractive patio design, you can choose unique outdoor furniture, such as the ones with carvings or unusual shapes.

If you have a small yard, do not leave it empty without plants. Prior to beautify the front yard with furniture, first give the yard various flowers and greenery to make it shady. Worry if your tiny garden becomes a home for mosquito and other insects? There are some plants that can repel mosquitoes. Just select Lemongrass or Geranium flowers.

When plants and many flowers have started to grow, it’s time to move wooden chairs on the terrace to your small flower garden. In order not get bored, you can stop by once in awhile to the flea market (second-hand items) to get the rustic style furniture or traditional furniture made ​​of wood or metal that you can use to receive guests while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.

So, who says managing patio or small yard at home is a difficult thing to do? With a little creativity and ideas, you can change the appearance of your yard and patio with a beautiful variety of exterior designs, without the need to spend a lot of money. The key is in the selection of plants and flowers, as well as the outdoor furniture you use. Well, have fun with your small patio and yard, and make your guests amazed to see it!

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