Easy Ways to Create a Vertical Garden

Indoor Vertical Garden IdeaWhat do you think about the making of a vertical garden? Difficulties in construction and watering system? Then, how to plant the plants and what growing media should be used? Perhaps, you think that creating a vertical garden is that difficult and complicated. In fact, there are various simple ways to make a beautiful, lush, and durable vertical garden. Just follow the following tips on how to build a vertical garden easily.

Similar to hydroponics
In principle, the vertical garden planting system is no different from planting in general. When all requirements are provided, then the plants will grow optimally. Maybe you are ever surprised with hydroponic cultivation system in which crops can be grown with very fertile without the use of soil media at all.

The secret is the plant nutrients which are obtained from the watering. Plant roots are embedded in various types of growing media where the media only serves as a tool to hold the roots of plants that can sustain the plant body.

Actually the planting system in a vertical garden is identical to the hydroponic system. All plants need nutrients supplied by watering the plants. Various materials can be used as a medium for gripping the roots and propping the plant body.

Growing media
The following are some alternatives of vertical garden planting media:

1 . Rockwool
Rockwool is a planting medium in the form of sheet with a thickness of about 7 cm. This material is commonly used for hydroponic media or for wall insulation. The planting medium is highly water absorbing so that it would be very easy for the roots to grow and absorb water from the media. But the media has also become very heavy when it absorbs water. Therefore, for use in a wide vertical garden, you will need a very strong construction.

2 . VGM (Vertical Garden Module)
It looks like a plastic basket to accommodate growing media. This module is very practical and durable for use in the long term (10 years). The box size is 50 cm x 55 cm with a thickness of 12.5-25 cm. Due to the modular construction it is easy to take off and replace with another plant.

This module is very heavy so it is not suitable to use on a high vertical garden. The box shape also makes the vertical garden look rigid. And, VGM is quite expensive, so you need to spend more if you want to use it.

3 . Carpet & textile

The use of textile or geotextile for vertical garden media has been widely applied. This is an alternative planting medium for vertical gardens which is quite good, and can even use auto carpet materials. Also, the material is strong and durable enough.

To use it, you just need to organize two carpet layers on the wall (stainless steel construction). Tear the outer layer of the carpet as wide as 10 cm with a distance of 15-20 cm (plant spacing), resembling a bag/pocket. After that, reduce the planting medium and put the plants in the pockets. This medium should be watered periodically (3-5 times a day), so it is advisable to use the self-timer.

Well, from the many choices the planting medium you just choose which one best fits your budget. Enjoy making a vertical garden then.

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