Effective Small-Space Solutions for Every Room

Small Living Room IdeaYou have arranged your room as minimalist as possible, used mirrors to create a spacious effect, or chosen bright color for the wall paint, yet you still find that your room is too narrow. Have you ever experienced this? Well, you might have forgotten several little things:

Placement of clothing is one of the factors that make your bedroom feel cramped. If you put the clothes in the corner of the room, hang them behind the door, or have more than one closet in the bedroom, then it is the time for you to start sorting clothes.

Choose clothing that is really needed in the closet and move the other clothes that are rarely used in other rooms. In general, clothing that is used everyday is just 20% of all the clothes you have. That is, 80% of other clothes are rarely worn and make a closet or room feel cramped.

If you want to do something good to others, it would not hurt if you donate some of your clothes for those in need.

Just like clothes, kitchen utensils are often only on display without ever being used. Appliances such as microwave, mixer, blender, or toaster are often just sitting there in the corner of the kitchen. Besides reducing the aesthetic value of the kitchen, those large devices are also prone to rodents such as rats.

To have a more neat kitchen, you should store the equipment in a special place. If necessary, put them back into the wrapper. In addition to more durable kitchen appliances, the kitchen will feel more spacious.

Living room and family room
The furniture in the living room or family room often just become a display, without ever being used . If the room feels cramped, it could not hurt you to move it or sell it.

Newspapers or magazines that pile up in the corner of the room sometimes ruin the view and make the room feel cramped. Mice also often use that pile for nesting. If the room is damp, the newspaper or magazine is usually sticky and eventually stuck to the wall or floor.

Homeowners are often proud to display their memorable photo, painting, or other objects in the living room or family room.  However, if these objects are accumulating in this room, the room would feel claustrophobic. Not to mention you have to spend extra time and effort to care for and clean it.

Thus, you can begin to do the sorting. Keep items that are not really necessary for the display. You can also change the memorabilia on display periodically .

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