Engineered Wood Flooring Offers Durability Through Its Easy Installation

engineered wood flooring When remodeling interiors, home owners often want hardwood flooring. Yet, they will need to call hardwood floor installers since solid hardwood floor is difficult to install on their own. Thus, engineered wood floor will be a great solution for this remodeling idea since they could install it on their own. Engineered wood floors have been popular among home owners due to its classy effect and durability. They are constructed from two or more layers of timber which are glued together and covered with hardwood. These components will endure high moisture levels and will be more durable than solid wood flooring. Compared to laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring is real wood. It is a 1/16” to 1/8” of finish wood on top and non-finish plywood underneath. While, laminate wood floor is melamine-infused paper on top with wood chip composite on bottom. Though engineered flooring is more expensive than laminate, it provides better value in the long-run because it can be periodically sanded after starches and dings develop.

How to install engineered wood flooring then? Well, unlike solid wood which must be nailed to a wood sub-floor, engineered wood could be installed in some ways depending on the type you buy. There are three installation methods you can do: nail-down floor , glue-down floor, and floating floor. The installation costs of engineered flooring are typically lower than the solid one and you can even install it on your own. It is also available in almost any species such as oak, maple, and even bamboo. The following are some result of beautiful wood engineered flooring. For more engineered wood flooring reviews you can visit Feel The Home’s site.

engineered wood flooring

engineered wood flooring

engineered wood flooring Image credit: Feel The Home 

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