Essential Principles in Creating an Ergonomic Kitchen Design

Ergonomic White Kitchen DesignThe word ‘ergonomics’ comes from the Greek ergon [work] and nomos [rules]. So, in general we can interpret ergonomic as work rules. Actually there are a lot more detailed definitions of ergonomics, but we can take the outline of all the explanations. The essence of ergonomics is to create comfort, safety, and productivity in the workplace.

After knowing about the ergonomic term, let’s try to understand what an ergonomic kitchen is. For those of you who are planning to create or remodel the kitchen, this brief information would be useful.

The kitchen is a room that could be considered the busiest area at home. Storing, dispensing, and processing food are done here, three times a day. Many activities are carried out here, requiring you to make the kitchen as comfortable as possible by making an ergonomic kitchen design.

Many things must be considered in making an ergonomic kitchen, starting from the arrangement of the kitchen set, kitchen sink selection, to the size of tables and storage cabinets to fit the kitchen owner. Not to forget the circulation path and a variety of standard sizes of kitchen furniture. Seems complicated, huh? It is not that difficult actually.  Now take a piece of paper, and start listing what to consider for making your dream ergonomic kitchen.

There are four aspects to consider:

1 . Comfort
This aspect is related to adequate lighting, adequate circulation path, smooth air exchange, and so on. In addition to a convenient place to cook, the kitchen should also be convenient to interact with the family members.

2 . Health
An unwell-planned kitchen usually doesn’t pay attention to the height of the kitchen table or storage cabinets. A too high or too low table will make the back work inappropriately. Similarly, if the storage cabinet is too high, you have to stand on tiptoe to reach the things you need.

3 . Security
The kitchen should be made ​​as safe as possible for all members of the family. For example, the edges and corners of the table, island, or kitchen set are made blunt to avoid serious injury if bumped. One thing that is rarely done, yet very important, is putting a fire alarm in this area.

4 . Productivity and efficiency
It has something to do with the placement of furniture and the selection of kitchen designs. You have to be smart in arranging the kitchen so that you can work more effectively.

So, now everything is getting clear on what an ergonomic kitchen arrangement should be like. A cozy kitchen would make more delicious dishes. Happy designing an ergonomic kitchen!

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