Excellent Imaginative Concept Homes

Great house that demonstrated an elevated mass off the ground Radix House
Great House that Demonstrated an Elevated Mass off the Ground Radix House

This Building Design by Shu-Chang Kung

Some architect are imagining about the future house or building that’s gonna be different in shape, detail, theme and design. It is from the exterior or the interior, that bring the future to life. These some pictures about the future building in 3D, has give us idea about what is a future house gonna look like.

A different shape make a house can be known whose the owner is and how is his/her personality so he/she want a house that is not common. Surely this impressive design has bring our imagination to some times in the future where we will see more exciting and impressive house design that’s gonna stunn our eyes with it’s shape and design. And for you whose looking for a futuristic home design, these pictures maybe can inspiring you.

Two Stony Modules which Visually Appear as Strong Volumes House Aurum
Two Stony Modules which Visually Appear as Strong Volumes House Aurum

This Building Design by Fernando Menis

Simple two main spaces a shell and a core Cocoon
Simple Two Main Spaces a Shell and a Core Cocoon

This Building Design by Kris Yao

Outstanding ancient art form and the- inear sensibility Callighrapic House
Outstanding Ancient Art form and the Iner Sensibility Callighrapic House

This Building Design by Yu-Tung Liu

Modern interpretation panoramic view Shell Under Copius Rain
Modern Interpretation Panoramic View Shell Under Copius Rain

This Building Design by Graft

Imaginative the natural and artificial could coexist Villa Palladio
Imaginative the Natural and Artificial could Coexist Villa Palladio

This Building Design by Ian+

Image Credit : Home Designing 

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