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Urban Home Facade
The interesting part of this house is the main entrance which is located on the second floor, thus we have to climb the stairs to enter this house.

Nowadays more and more people seem to be familiar with storey houses. The limited land to build houses encourages developers to build those houses in urban areas.

The house in the picture above is located in a crowded urban area while the land is considered too narrow to accommodate the needs of the modern family lifestyle. Not to mention when the neighborhood is less friendly and the comfort and security are not guaranteed. Finally, this house is designed and built as a 4-storey building.

The first floor which is located equal to the road is used to accommodate the service area, including garage and carport. There is also a short of family room and a small indoor yard – used to smooth the air and light circulation.

Interestingly, the main entrance and foyer area are located on the second floor that can be accessed by passing steps and a porch as a transition area. Thus it is formed a smooth entrance flow; a comfortable and easy way to enter the house.

From the foyer area is then designed a unique glass corridor that leads to the white pantry and the main stairwell that connects the floors of the buildings in this house.

Then there is a wide void in the middle of the room that brings together two first floors as the center of the house. The existence of this innercourt not only gives the impression of a more spacious and airy house, but also produces a room continuity on the first floor and the second floor which both are public. This public open concept is emphasized through the continuous glass openings leading into the inner courtyard area and through the use of glass as room dividers on the second floor. Thus every room on the first floor and the second floor is not only visually connected but also functions optimally as the main rooms of this house.

Urban Style of Living Room
Urban Style of Living Room

Urban expression
While the first floor and the second floor are somehow public, the third floor and the fourth floor are private. The third floor accommodates bedrooms, white the fourth floor is for work area with skylights for natural lighting support.

On the top floor is a wide glass opening as an accent which also enables you to enjoy the busy city view from your house. This character is also appeared in the facade of the building. While the home interior is designed as a response to the occupants needs, then the exterior is kind of designed as a response to the surrounding noisy and crowded environment.  Thus the façade design looks massive with an indented opening, to avoid the busy road.

The height of this four-storey building is offset by the contemporary cover design as a visual manipulation which is not only effective but also unique and impressive.  For the coating materials it is used neutral grayish color, such as aluminum, glass, metal and concrete panels that can be blended in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Kitchen with Urban Style
Kitchen with Urban Style

Image credit: majalahasri.com 

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