Exterior Home Renovation Tips to Make an Old Home Look Attractive

Inviting Exterior Home with PorchDon’t neglect the exterior when you renovate your home. A bad home exterior will also influence the value and the sale value of your home. If you are planning a home renovation budget, consider making your exterior way more beautiful than your interior home. Here are some tips on home exterior renovation you need to know.

Several things to consider
Some houses have an exterior which is easy to change and renovate. For instance, houses in the 50s or 70s are easier to be renovated than houses in 80s which have many additional features. A large detached house can be renovated by setting a new porch. You can also get a new additional living room by remodeling the exterior. Consider remodeling the garage by replacing the door with a window and adjusting it with the wall arrangement.

Things need to be fixed related to walls are usually cracked wall or paints. You should make the wall smooth first before painting it. You can actually paint the cracked wall directly, yet the result will not be satisfying. You can fix the cracks with wall putty.

Secondary skin
Many home exterior designers add wooden secondary skin which is installed horizontally to house. It will beautify the house so that it won’t look boring. This secondary skin can also made from other materials in different styles. Nevertheless, before installing the secondary skin consider the effect that may arise on your home value and the sale value as well.

Painting the home exterior neatly is not something easy. If the exterior walls have natural stones or bricks as an accent, you can leave them unpainted. If the bricks have been painted, you only need to brush the peeled surface and apply fungicide to prevent mildew. Then paint it with micro-porous paint. Water-based coatings are more environmentally friendly than solvent-based paints. Unfortunately, water-based paints are less durable than others.

Fix or replace the window
Windows give identity to the house. Choosing the wrong style windows can worsen the appearance of the house. The thing to do with the old property is to put back the windows with an appropriate style. Changing the window should consider the energy efficiency of lighting, security, and air flow. Some homeowners apply the double glass as a way out. There is also glass made ​​from PVC which requires a lower maintenance, yet not environmentally friendly. If you want to replace the iron window trellis, you can try crittall windows.

A new front door
The front door should be considered to be more suited to the street in front of the house. A traditional paneled door can be combined with some contemporary accents like door knob, numbers on the door, and mail slot. Or you can choose contemporary wood doors. If you want the stained glass front door, choose a style which is appropriate with the front part of the house. For example, you can select a stained glass with a motif of birds or flowers for Victorian -style homes, or art deco sunburst motif for Edwardian style houses.

Think to seek advice from a professional before laying on the porch. A porch can be a useful addition in front of a regular house. It is important to keep the porch proportion comparable to the size of the house. And, children will love a decorative canopy for a house.

Maintain the features
Maintain the features of your home like an old house which preserves some of the exterior features, including cast iron accents, ancient guttering and so on. Modern materials may require a minimal care, but they do not look good in old houses. Just clean them with a wire brush and then re-paint. You can also replace it with a lighter material and other artificial materials such as plastic or aluminum.

The front part of the house can be an additional value for the house as a whole. You can be creative in it by installing paving stones using traditional patterns and colors. But do not forget to ask for permission on environmental manager or developer if you fear that it would interfere with the public interest.

Front yard
The front garden deserves your attention. Make sure the yard is pretty neat and groomed. The trick is to clean the streets, tidy up the fences, and repaint the fences and gates as well. The natural lights will also add charm to your exterior.

Ignore the past
Do not be tied to the past. You do not need to keep the less interesting parts of the house such as the less neat paving, sculpture, shelf plastic pots, and so on.

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