Facts About the Trend of Minimalist Home Designs

Modern Minimalist Home Design with a TerraceBasically, a minimalist architectural style is a modification of the modern design. This modern design is then reduced. This is often interpreted as a reaction against the expressionism style.

Many people choose the minimalist architectural design solely as a reaction to the boredom towards buildings with monotonous styles, many ornaments, difficult to clean, and others. On the other hand, the minimalist trend is also influenced by the architectural style of the world that tends to promote practical and simple impression, without reducing the basic functions and beauty.

Minimalism apparently doesn’t mean having no problems. In some cases, as an architect is so eager to apply a 100% minimalist concept, new problems can arise. For instance, the flat cast concrete roof  that is applied completely on the entire roof of a residential building.

In non-tropical countries, a minimalist house typically uses a concrete roof, while in the tropics it is more appropriate to use a tiled roof, because it can make the air inside the home become cooler. If a minimalist home in tropical countries uses a concrete roof, then in the dry season, the concrete will receive continuous heat from the sun. In addition to providing heat radiation in the room below, the concrete tends to easily get cracked. In the rainy season, the cracks can be filled with water and eventually leak becomes a common problem then.

Although actually the concrete can be substituted with other materials such as light steel roof, in reality, the sun’s heat radiation remains a problem. During a hot day, the air temperature in the room will increase, causing a hot room. During a rainy day, the noise coming from the rainwater on the roof’s surface can be disturbing.

Another important element in a minimalist house is the windowsills. A minimalist building typically uses window sills made ​​of weather resistant material such as aluminum. The use of wood is not recommended due to its expansion and shrinkage and the damaged finishing due to rainwater and sunlight.

Well, from the information above it can be concluded that adapting the trend of minimalist architecture to buildings is not wrong or prohibited. Yet, it should also be adjusted to the characteristics of the climate in the country, whether it is in a tropical or non-tropical climate.

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