Feng Shui 2014: The Wood Horse Year, Don’t Fiddle with these Rooms

Feng Shui HorseIn the Chinese calendar, 2014 is also called the wood horse year. If you want to organize the home, there are some positions that you should avoid. Based on Feng Shui, there are nine stars that affect human life. In organizing the home, Feng Shui is also guided by those nine stars. According to Feng Shui experts, you should avoid the following positions when you are organizing your home in 2014:

  1. Second star or Ju Men. The position is in the east. Avoid arranging the bedroom or main door facing towards this direction because it contains negative energy that will bring disease. To reduce the negative energy, you can put objects made ​​of metal such as a pendulum.
  2. Third star or Ru Jun. It is located in the southeast. This direction is believed to bring negative energy related to legal problems, accidents or robbery. To reduce it you can place objects with fire elements such as red carpet or light.
  3. Fourth star or Wen Qu. This star is also called the average star. Its position is the middle of the room. Preferably, the central room of the house is used for recurring activities as often as possible, such as a family room. In addition, this room is also believed to improve academic matters. Thus, this room is also very suitable for a workroom or study room.
  4. Fifth star five or Lian Zhen. The position is in the northwest. You are prohibited to conduct a renovation to this room this year.  Also, avoid arranging direction of the bedroom or main door in this position because it can bring accidents and bankruptcies. To reduce the negative energy in this direction, you can put objects with metal element, e.g. a pendulum clock.
  5. Seventh star or Bo Jun. The position is in the northeast. Avoid arranging the bedroom and the main door in this position because it would bring contention, theft, and robbery. To neutralize the negative energy, you can put an aquarium and a fountain in this position.

The above suggestion is based on Feng Shui experts. You may believe it, you may not. Likewise, you may run it or leave it because sometimes the rules of Feng Shui is not purely based on logical scientific terms.

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