Feng Shui: Blue as a Symbol of Water Elements

Blue Living Room Design IdeaIn the science of Feng Shui, the water and fire elements are a unity that cannot be separated. It’s different with the real life  in which water and fire certainly cannot be united; the fire will die in the presence of water. Positive sense is also present in each of these elements. The proper application of Feng Shui elements will provide a peaceful life.

Water element colors
The colors that belong to the water element are certainly related with the color blue. Young and calm colors are associated to the color of the water element. The water colors are suitable to be used in bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms. For bedroom and family room, you can give a touch of the other elements. The bedroom is more appropriate to be given the color of the water and fire elements. While the living room is more appropriate with the color of the elements of water, fire, or earth.

Color meaning of Feng Shui water element
Water element more emphasizes on a quieter and peaceful life. People using this color are believed to have a calm soul and can solve problems without creating new problems. They are also able to stay calm and adapt to the surrounding situation and circumstances.

Water element color choices in rooms 
If you want to create a living room with a water element color like blue, it does not matter. As noted earlier, the water element is also appropriate for a living room or bedroom, although the living room is indeed more appropriate to use the color of the fire elements. As we know, the color of the fire element emphasizes a warm and harmonious state when the family gathered in the living room.

Related to positive energy
The color of the water elements will certainly related to positive energy. As long as you do not choose a room that is not supposed to be the color of the fire element, negative energy will not attack you. The positive energy is very closely related to Feng Shui elements so that you have to apply the right water elements you choose later.

The presence of the five elements in Feng Shui – the elements of water, fire, metal, earth, and wood – is a balance. Each of these elements will be matched with a particular element and not all of these elements will be united. It is needed more in-depth knowledge when you are going to unite the five elements in your life so that that positive energy always comes in your life better.

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