Feng Shui Fire and Water Elements for a Successful Leader

Feng Shui Water Element with Colorful FishImage credit: propertykita.com

Feng shui is not only related to house as a place to live. Feng shui is also related to the business world and can be applied in office, like selecting office interiors and showing some elements for the success of one’s business.

You can choose the elements of Feng Shui to be put in your workplace. The right elements to choose are the element of water and fire. Both can be the key to success in running your business or doing your job. Yet, it should also be supported by your strong spirit.

Although logically water and fire do not mix, in Feng Shui it is quite the opposite. Both elements can be complementary and bring luck to a person’s life. You must combine both elements very carefully though.

Water, which remains the most quiet and peaceful element, can be chosen by presenting an aquarium in your work room. The existence of water element will help to make you an excellent leader since this element is able to persuade others to listen to you. You will be a leader that is good at speaking and expressing ideas, vision, and mission about the business you run.

Feng Shui Dragon PaintingImage credit: giftsoftheorient.co.uk

For the fire element, you can choose a decorative object representing a dragon, and put in on your desk. A painting of a dragon which is mounted on the wall will also be good. Fire is the strong spirit in working so that you will become a passionate leader, never giving up, and always working hard.

You will become a more confident person because people increasingly pay attention to you. You will be good at running a business so that many people believe in you. The element of fire will improve your life and your work.

It would be better if the office is your own, so that you can freely add more water elements there. You can put a water element on your employee’s desk or room. This will make the performance of your employees even better. More elements with balanced placement will make the positive energy bigger.

One’s success in business or career actually starts from oneself and willingness to be better. The elements of Feng Shui serve as a complement and balance in one’s life who believes in it. 

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