Feng Shui for Office: Create a Comfortable Office Environment through the Right Color Selection

Cool White Orange Office InteriorWorking in an office can be very boring, especially when the office interior is not well designed and decorated. Colors play an important role to make office staff work more comfortably inside the office building. Not only making the office feel more comfortable, colors can also beautify it. If you plan to make your office interior more comfortable and beautiful, it’s worth to try applying the Feng Shui colors for office. Through the right office color selection you can make the positive energy flow more smoothly. The following are several color options for offices according to the science of Feng Shui:

White, in Feng Shui, is a symbol of purity and self-confidence. This color is very suitable to be combined with gold or silver color. The combination of these two colors can create peace. This color is good to be applied to your office space so that you always feel relaxed while working on your office tasks. As a result, productivity will increase.

You might often see the color orange applied to office spaces. This color can increase the concentration of anyone who is in the room. Amazingly, this color can also add creativity and cooperation among employees. For writers, orange is the perfect color to be used in their office because this color can help create ideas in ​​writing.

Many people think that black is not suitable for office space because it does not bring positive energy at all. This assumption is certainly not true. The black color can create the energy associated with power, money, and success when combined with metallic colors such as silver or gold.

Just like the color white, the color purple can bring the energy that is soothing. This color is also able to overcome the mental and physical problems. Well, this color is perfect for you who easily get stressed or upset because of office taks. You can apply the color purple either to the office accessories or walls.

In Feng Shui, yellow indicates friendliness and cheerfulness. The cheerful and friendly atmosphere is able to enhance your spirits. And also this color can give you a good impression on clients. For those of you who find a difficulty in concentrating in a noisy office environment, you can try using the color yellow for the office since this color can help refresh your mind. Avoid the use of the color yellow which is too bright as it can cause anxiety.

Blue and red
The blue color can trigger you to feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful, while the color red is a color that is considered aggressive and energetic.

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