Feng Shui Front Door Tips

Grey Home Exterior with Black Front DoorThe front door is the access point to enter and leave out of the house. To that end, the direction and the position of this front door should really be taken into account. According to the science of Feng Shui, the entrance is a priority when one is building a house. It is like the mouth: what is involved in will give effect to the entire body. If we eat the wrong meal, our entire body will experience problems.

Ideally, the front door should not face the front door of a neighbor’s house. So we have to determine a good direction toward the door first, and then arrange it not to face the door of the neighbor’s house. When we have got a good direction, but it turns out that it deals with the neighbor’s door, we can we do?

Well, there is a solution that can be done if the front door is already dealing with the neighbor’s. The solution varies. For instance, you can deal with it by hanging trinkets around the door. But the most appropriate way is moving the door to get a good direction.

Then what about the door itself? if you want to use the double doors, both should have the same size. If the doors are not in the same size, there will be an imbalance.

In the science of Feng Shui, the man is on the left, while the woman is on the right. If the left door is smaller, it represents that the husband is depressed. Conversely, if the right door is smaller, it means that the wife is depressed. That imbalance can take the form of discomfort and psychological as well as physical distress .

Meanwhile, the size of the main door should be made larger than the other doors in the house. The size should also be proportional to the buildings.

Colors don’t give any significant effects to the occupants, but they can be used to enhance the value of the Feng Shui door. And the most important consideration is still the direction and position of the main door.

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