Feng Shui Guides to Bathroom Location at Home

Relaxing Feng Shui BathroomIn the world of property, a comfortable bathroom is quite enough. However, in Feng Shui it’s quite different since everything related to property has a meaning. Thus, it doesn’t hurt to find out the best location for bathroom according to Feng Shui.

Recommended Bathroom Location 
A bathroom should be placed quite far from the living room, family room, and bedroom. It is still okay to place a bathroom near the kitchen, though. Most importantly, a good Feng Shui bathroom should be located in a place which is not easily seen from other rooms. That way, good fortune will come to our life.

Forbidden Bathroom Location
According to Feng Shui, a bathroom should be located in a hidden place. When the bathroom is visible from other rooms, e.g. living room, it will bring negative energy instead. It is also not good to have a bathroom inside a bedroom, which often exists in modern houses nowadays. If there is no other choice but to put the bathroom inside the bedroom, we should make it quite small so that it is not clearly seen and looks hidden. In addition, this bathroom location is also considered unhealthy since it may cause odors or humidity which affect the bedroom condition.

Feng Shui for Bathroom
Knowing the best location for a bathroom is actually not enough because Feng Shui is also related to colors. Wrong color selection will not bring positive energy along with good fortune to our home. Water element is quite important to create a cool bathroom. Choose water colors for a good Feng Shui bathroom design. Most importantly, avoid choosing the colors of fire elements such as red, orange, and yellow.

Once you know the rules bathroom Feng Shui, then you can just obey. Without leaving a sense that should exist in Feng Shui, you will feel the positive energy coming into your home.

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