Feng Shui Guides to Buying a House

Fresh Small Living RoomTo obtain a good house with good fortune, you should consider a house which has good Feng Shui. Feng Shui is indeed always about good luck.

According to Feng Shui, a good house can be recognized from several things, including the location, facing direction, and environment around the house. Before you purchase a house, you should consider the followings:

The characteristics of a good house
A good house has unique characteristics that can be seen from its structure. Look for a house that has the structure of water and mountains. These structures should be within a radius of 5 to 10 kilometers from the house you want to buy. In home Feng Shui, water and mountain are the basis of perfect Feng Shui. This is because the mountain is the producer of Qi, while the water is a gathering place for Qi.

Other characteristics that are considered good for the house are the characteristics of  white tiger, black tortoise, green dragon, and phoenix. In other words, choose a house which the right, left and rear sides are covered by a higher or larger buildings.

Home interior
In addition to considering the location of the house, you also need to consider the interior design of the house. On this side, there are some parts that you need to avoid, such as the location of the kitchen. The kitchen should not be located in the north. In home Feng Shui, the north is a symbol of water, white the kitchen is a symbol of fire. This is of course the very opposite. If your kitchen is located in the northern part of the house, it is believed to bring bad luck to the house occupants.

The bathroom is also the same. It should not be located in the south. The bathroom is a symbol of water, while the south is the symbol of fire. Therefore, do not pick the house that the bathroom is located in the south part.

Also, there should not be any stairs, kitchen, or bathroom in the middle  of the house. For the main door, make sure that it does not face the stairs, bathroom door, or kitchen door directly.

If you decide to choose the concept of a minimalist home, this is a good start. In Feng Shui, the minimalist shape is highly recommended because it does not give the impression of stressing to the house occupants. This kind of home design also looks lightweight.

In addition, make sure that the house you want to buy has a square or rectangle shape. Both are the best shapes of house in Feng Shui.

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