Feng Shui Life: An East Facing House is Not Always Good

Modern Exterior with Unique Facade DesignFor some people, a house facing east is better because the occupants will get enough sunlight in the morning. So it is in terms of marketing. Many developers assume an east facing house is better, so they offer it at higher prices than homes facing other directions.

However, according to Feng Shui, not all home directions fit with the home occupants. The determination of the direction toward home cannot be taken lightly, especially with regard to the position of the main door because this is where the chi energy comes in and out of the house. The most important thing in determining the direction toward the main door is that it has to be matched with home owners, in this case the head of the family.

A Feng Shui expert says that humans are divided into two groups: eastern and western. If someone belongs to the east group, it does not matter if the house is facing east. Conversely, if someone belongs to the western group and the house is facing east, there will be problems both in terms of financial and career.

The determination of the western or eastern group involves s a formula. The thing to note is the kua number obtained from calculating the number of birth years.

Kua number 1 , 3 , 4 , and 9, are called the eastern group, whereas kua number 2 , 5 , 6 , 7 , and 8 are called the western group. The western group is bigger than the eastern group because the kua number 5 belongs to the western group.

For example, someone who has a kua number 6 is more suitable with a home facing west. It will ease the homeowner to get a variety of business opportunities. Conversely, if a person has a kua number 7 and the house is facing east, he will find misfortune because that is the worst direction for kua number 7.

How to calculate kua number
The following is how to calculate the number of personal elements based on the year of birth (for birth years before 2000).

The number 100 minus the last two numbers of the birth year and is divided by nine. The rest of the result is the kua number. E.g. a man was born in 1954. So, (100 – 54) : 9 = 5, with the remainder 1. It means that the kua number is 1.

The last two numbers of the birth year minus four, then the result is divided by nine. The rest of the result obtained is the kua number. E.g. a woman was born in 1955. So, (55 – 4 ) : 5 = 5, with the remainder 6. It means that the kua number is 6.

You can spend your spare time to calculate your kua number and determine the right direction for your home. Everyone must need to make sure that they live in a home which brings a good luck.

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