Feng Shui Life: How to Increase the Positive Energy in Your Home

Fresh Cozy Living RoomIn a complex situation you may find many difficulties to analyze the various causes bringing you into a failure. It can happen in all life aspects, including health, wealth, or relationship with a partner. Dr. Snehal Deshpande, a Feng Shui consultant, stated that most of those problems are related to the wrong Vastu and Feng Shui. He shares several important things to help you increase the positive energy in your home.

  • The main entrance of a house is a mouth which carries the main energy. Therefore, you should avoid an entrance facing west. Why? Because west is the direction in which the demon energy comes in, bringing struggle and misfortune to the homeowners.
  • Mandir or the altar is the king of all the Vastu rules placed in the north east.
  • The kitchen is a symbol of wealth and the most ideal place for the kitchen is in the south east. A kitchen located in the north or east can bring financial and health problems. If you deal with this case, hang three bronze bowls upside down on the ceiling. Don’t hang them right above the stove.
  • The master bedroom is the key to enter the door of the stability and should be in the south west. You should sleep with head to the south or west direction.
  • The bathroom and the toilet have a hell of energy and it would be good to place them on the west or south direction. If it is placed in the north and east, it will certainly bring financial, health, and education problems for occupants.
  • Living room or family room is the center or the nose or the breath of your home. This space should be open and free of clutter. If there is a wall in it, there will be financial problems. To fix this, install a blue bulb with a low voltage on the wall and turn it on for 24 hours each day.
  • The water under the ground would be better placed in the north.
  • The flow of water and air 200 meters below the earth can weaken the electromagnetic field (EMF) on earth and cause a geopathic stress. If you sleep on this geopathic stress track your body will feel a pain that lasts long.

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