Feng Shui Lighting to Bring You Good Luck

Modern Living Room LightingHaving a comfortable house is everyone’s dream. What about a house that brings you good luck? It will be perfect when you have a comfortable house that brings you good luck as well. You can have a good house Feng Shui to provide you good luck by arranging the lighting in your house.

In Feng Shui, the right type of lighting and its placement enhances the positive Chi energy and let it flow smoothly. According to Feng Shui experts, bright is beauty, and living without light is death. Thus, a house which brings fortune is a bright house.

Lights are indeed an important thing that affects your fortune. Bright is good, but too bright is not since it can damage your eyes. Good lighting for the bedroom is a bit dim. You can use the LED light with low radiation for your bedroom.

Chandeliers are usually installed in a good Feng Shui living room. You can add a disk-shaped lamp base or the one like ceiling medallion. Avoid octagonal-shaped bases, especially for lights inside the house since they can make atmosphere in the house hot. You can add crystals for the  light decoration for crystals will neutralize negative energy, affect mood, and enhance a romantic atmosphere.

For kitchen lighting, make sure the sink and stove  bright. You can add a chandelier over your dining table. Make it not too bright nor too dark.

A good Feng Shui house has light on every corner. You can bring light in every corner of your home. It can also negate the bad things in your house.

Exterior lighting is an important thing to consider. Try to illuminate the darkest parts of your home landscape. You can hang lantem at the gate or in the garden as a solution. It is also necessary to add the Yang energy.

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