Feng Shui Plants That Bring Good Luck and Fortune at Home

Water Bamboo Plants in Glass ContainerIt is true that there are some types of plants which according to Feng Shui can bring good luck to the home occupants. These plants are believed to create positive energy. If the positive energy flows smoothly in the house, the occupants of the house would be much easier to get good luck and happiness. These plants also can create beauty and fresh atmosphere in the house. As a result, indoor air quality will be much better and cool. What are those Feng Shui plants? Here’s the explanation.

Water bamboo
Water bamboo is one kind of plant that carries good luck. This plant is very similar to bamboo, but it is just in a small size. You could say that water bamboo is the mini version of bamboo. From the stalks usually appear leaves that will continue to grow. According to Feng Shui, this plant can bring happiness and prosperity to the occupants of the house. In addition, water bamboo can also protect occupants from negative energy.

This plant will look more beautiful when placed in a beautiful pot containing water. Just looking at these beautiful water bamboo plants, stress and loneliness will soon disappear. Spiritual level will also increase when a person often looks at this beautiful plant.

Sweet basil
Sweet basil not only can be used as fresh vegetables. It is a symbol of passion, love, luck, prosperity, and beauty. Many Chinese communities strongly believe that the basil plant can reduce the negative energy. Sweet basil can also¬†absorb one’s evil intentions. The basil leaves contain substances with anti-septic, anti-bacterial, and anti-depressants.

It turns out that jasmine can keep love continuing to grow and warm. You can put jasmine flowers into small pots as houseplants. Jasmine is believed to be able to develop a sense of compassion and wealth for the household. In addition to fragrant, its white color also can calm the mind and provide its own freshness.

This plant is said to be able to bring happiness and joy when placed in the house. Lemon grass is also a symbol of friendship and harmony. For those of you who put lemongrass plants as houseplants in your home, the positive energy will continue to rise and flow. Lemon grass is also very beneficial for health and beauty.

Lavender planted in the house can create a peaceful effect for the occupants of the house. Fortune will continue to flow because of the lavender plants.

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