Feng Shui Tips for a Good Family Room

Comfortable Colorful Family RoomFamily room has a very important function to create intimacy among family members. Unfortunately not all houses are made with a comfortable family room. In fact, you need to look at family room Feng Shui before finally arranging yours.

First, you should have a family room with a good shape. The most recommended shape for a family room is rectangle. Avoid irregular shapes such as L and pentagon shape because it will interfere with the positive energy flow, making your family room lack of positive energy.

Second, consider the size of your family room. Good family room Feng Shui requires you to have a good and harmonious size. The size should be adjusted to the needs and also function. If you need a family room which functions pretty much then you have to have the one that is much larger.

Third, your family room should be connected to the outdoor space. This can be done by opening windows, vents, and other openings so the air and sunlight can enter freely to your family room.

Fourth, for those who want to make a comfortable family room, you should put a family photo here. Putting photos in this room is very important because it will keep the intimacy and also a pride for a home. The photo displayed should not be an ordinary photo, but ones on special moments that are meaningful to all members of the family.

Fifth, to have a good Feng Shui for family room, you should make the family room a little lower than the dining room. This is to provide a balance for both these spaces in your home.

The above tips may help you create a comfortable, harmonious and balanced family room which is in accordance with Feng Shui. Fill your family room with positive energy and it will be very convenient for all family members.

There are still some other things you need to consider, such as the use of furniture for your family room. In this case, you should not use too much furniture if you have a narrow room. This will actually make all the family members feel claustrophobic and breathless in that small and full family room.


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