Feng Shui Tips for an Ideal Workplace

Feng Shui for WorkplaceFeng Shui is one belief from China that is widely used in building construction and room layout. Nowadays, many people are using Feng Shui to improve their business. Here’s the explanation:

Understanding Feng Shui
Basically, Feng Shui is a science which is believed to bring either good luck or bad luck when something is done. Believe it or not, Feng Shui has been long considered by people who build a place for their business.

The thing that is emphasized in Feng Shui is the energy. Qi is positive energy which plays an important role to bring good luck. Conversely, Sha Qi is negative energy in Feng Shui which should be avoided by businessmen.

The application of Feng Shui
In running a business, there are several things should be done to increase Qi. Feng Shui for workplace includes the layout of a certain thing up to the location of the workplace itself. For instance, mirror is important in Feng Shui. To get positive energy in the workplace, mirrors are usually placed facing the main door or the entrance. This position is believed to get rid of negative energy and invite positive energy.

In addition to mirror, another thing to consider in workplace Feng Shui is the layout of furniture or products displaced on a shelf. If the shelf is put in a place which blocks your view towards the entrance, it will obscure the positive energy to enter the room.

It is also important to pay attention to the products arrangement in the shelf. Like what is advised in Feng Shui, the products should be arranged in a not straight path. It is intended to make visitors feel more attracted with the products. In Feng Shui, a straight line is considered to cause boredom.

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