Feng Shui Tips for an Organized and Comfortable Workspace

Cool Workspace Design with Built in Bookshelf and Great ScenenaryA neat and cozy workspace must provide a good atmosphere to work. Such a workspace can be achieved through a good furniture layout and arrangement. According to Feng Shui, the right workspace organization can bring a good luck and successful career.

Here are some Feng Shui principles related to workspace:

Desk position
The desk position in Feng Shui is like the heart in the workspace. It should be able to attract the positive energy in the room. The suggested position is facing the door so you can see who will enter the room. However, if it is impossible for your to place the desk in such a position, you can work around is by putting a mirror. In that way you are still able to see who is coming to your workroom. Additionally, only put items that you frequently use on the desk. Don’t fill it with too many items.

Sitting position 
The best sitting position or chair position is against the wall. Feng Shui has the principle of sitting facing the ocean and leaning against the mountain. The ocean can be interpreted as a broad view, while the mountain is the wall. So, when you sit facing the wall, you may find some obstacles in your career. In contrast, when you sit against the wall, the wall can make you feel secure and can maintain your career stability.

In addition, avoid sitting under the air conditioner because it is driven by a motor, and the motor has a fire element. In the science of Feng Shui, fire is believed to bring instability. Logically, sitting under the air conditioner can be detrimental to your health.

The principle of looking at the wide sea can be interpreted as looking at the pool, park or anything cool, refreshing, and can restore energy. Thus, it would be good if you have a window that allows you to see the beautiful outdoor environment outside your workspace.

A workspace needs to get good lighting because the light is a symbol of hospitality. You can fill the room with drawings, photographs, objects, quotes, or words of motivation that are easy to read and provide encouragement and positive aura for yourself. Put those items carefully so that you do not allow the negative energy to dominate your workroom.

Perhaps there is no direct relationship between the principle of Feng Shui with productivity in work. However, the position of furniture and equipment that is less harmonious with the nature and your body condition can gradually affect the activity and productivity of your work. To sum up, the principle of Feng Shui in organizing a workspace is intended to make you feel more comfortable in working.

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