Feng Shui Tips for Bathroom in a Two Floor House

Artistic Natural Bahtroom DesignIn earlier times, bathroom had always been separated from the main building. In China, the bathroom was placed outside the home since it was considered as a source of Yin or negative energy and had a water element. This was because the bathroom is a container for human waste, hence its placement can affect the health of the family.

In a building with two floors or more, the ceiling height of the bathroom has an important role. It should be at least 3.5 meter high.If your ceiling height is less than that and it violates layout rules, this could have an impact on the health of the occupants. Then, what kind of violations might happen?

The first case is a bathroom that is located right above the dining table. This situation causes the Qi energy derived from the bathroom have an unhealthy effect on the dining table underneath. However, this violation only occurs when the position of the toilet bowl just above the dining table and the ceiling is less than 3.5 meters. To deal with this, you can move the table to another position.

The next case shows the home layout that always causes disease and financial pressures. In Feng Shui, the stove symbolizes the wealth of the family, and it has a fire element. People are working hard for their family. This is interpreted as the food cooked and served at the dinner table. A bathroom placed just above the stove are  not only unhealthy but also can endanger the family fortune as a bathroom represents the element of water which will extinguish the fire element represented by the stove. However, this violation can only occur if the toilet bowl is just above the stove vertically and the ceiling is relatively short or less than 3.5 meters. You can easily fix this by changing the position of the stove so that it does not line up straight with the existing toilet on its top floor.

Another common case is a bathroom which is build right above the bed. This position is called Lin Shui Tou or ‘water that wets head’. This can cause the occupants sleeping in the bed susceptible to disease in the head and suffered material losses. However, this can only happen if the ceiling height in the bathroom is relatively short. Repairs can be done quite easily, namely by moving the bed to another position so that it does not line up straight to the position of the toilet bowl.

If you frequently suffer from insomnia or sleep disorder, then immediately check whether there is a bathroom which is right behind the bed. The existence of sanitary pipe right behind the headboard can cause auric field of people who sleep disturbed. The improvement is to move the bed to another position.

The middle sector is so-called Tian Xin or ‘heart of the sky’. The integrity and intimacy of the household will be determined from the position of the middle sector, therefore when there is a bathroom or toilet right in the middle of the house, it can be the source of a family quarrel. Repairs can be done no other way than by moving the bathroom in another sector around the house as long as it does not violate the guidelines mentioned.

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