Feng Shui Tips for Home Office Layout

Cool Home Office Design with Wood DeskIn order to get maximum results while working, the office must also be convenient. Not only comfort, Feng Shui factors should also be considered in in decorating an office.

Well, if you have a home office where you usually finish your work at home, you might consider several things to make you work comfortably. The following are tips on home office layout according to Feng Shui:

  1. Note the position of the table and set the table layout facing toward the light. This is because the light is believed to provide energy and provide peace of mind at work. In addition, you should avoid L-shaped work desk as it is less proportional.
  2. For the layout, you can put the desk facing the window. Sitting facing the window is believed to create a good influence.
  3. Choose an open bookshelf, and do not put it behind you / the position where you sit. This position is avoided since it is believed to provide a bad influence to your life, which is inhibiting your creativity.
  4. Do not put your bookshelf or file cabinet near the door. It is to make people access the door smoothly without any obstruction from the bookshelf or cabinet.
  5. When putting things like dustbin and telephone, you’d better think of places that make you feel comfortable. Make sure that you are easy to reach the places.

Those are five tips on how to arrange your home office according to Feng Shui. A good home office Feng Shui will help you achieve a successful business life. Good luck.

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