Feng Shui Tips for Living Room

Living Room ArrangementA stuffy house could be caused by a poor room layout. This makes the positive energy reluctant to enter your room. The condition will be worst when the living room has a poor layout, since living room is the entrance of positive energy into the house. Thus, it is suggested fixing this part first, the living room Feng Shui.

Good living room door
Whether a living room is good or not can be seen from its door.Living room door is the entrance of positive energy. This door should be located at the forefront of the house. The door should also be used for guests and family members to enter and leave the house. Feng Shui suggests using rectangular shaped living room door. It would be better if the door is made wide to facilitate much positive energy enter the house.

In living room Feng Shui, you need to make sure the door is made inwards. It is intended that the positive energy inside the house cannot get out of the house.

One more thing to note. Good positive energy moves in a circle. Therefore, do not create another door behind the entrance which is perpendicular to it.

Living room arrangement
The arrangement of the living room does influence the positive energy circulation. Thus, furniture placement becomes a very important thing to consider in a living room, e.g. the placement of table and couch. In terms of the shape, it is suggested choosing square, rectangular, or round table. Similarly, the couch should also be arranged in such a shape. Make sure that you avoid L-shape or cut diagonal shape for the furniture arrangement.

Good ceiling is high ceiling. It would be better if it has a cone shape which is good to collect positive energy. To improve the living room Feng Shui, place a chandelier at the center point of the living room ceiling. Choose a chandelier that looks simple. Do not select objects filled with intricate carvings.

Placing a mirror in the living room is also good. The mirror can make the room seem more spacious. In addition, the mirror also helps spread the light. In Feng Shui, the dark corners of the room should be avoided. Therefore,  place mirrors in some points in the living room so that every corner get illuminated.

Feng shui principles in the living room is actually not much different from the Feng Shui in general. The important thing is obey the basic rules of Feng Shui.

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