Feng Shui Tips: House Facing Direction and Exterior Decoration to Bring Good Luck

Feng Shui is actually a science of room layout. Yet, Feng Shui does not emphasize on the appearance. In Feng Shui, there is Qi which refers to the positive energy and energy of life. This is the energy which is always maintained so that it can bring good luck into the house. To create a comfortable atmosphere, there are basic things need to understand. It is related to the building shape and the building direction.

Home facing direction determines your future
In home Feng Shui, you should know the characteristics of each direction. Actually there is no bad direction. However, every direction represents different fortune. For instance, North is synonymous with good luck in business and career. If you want this fortune, build a house which faces North.

Northeast is a good direction to obtain success in education, research, and business. Meanwhile, West is synonymous with heath fortune. For those of you who want wealth, Southeast can be an alternative choice. To obtain balance in wealth, your home can be made a bit face the Southeast, while East is the best direction. In addition, South is a direction which is synonymous with good luck in popularity.

Fortune in romance also involves a specific home direction. Southwest is the best direction for those who want fortune in romance and family harmony. West also has a good influence for family harmony. However, this direction is more specific on children. In home Feng Shui, West is good for those who want to increase fertility. Lastly, in order for you to get help from your leader, you can build a house facing Northwest.

Home exterior decoration
Feng Shui focuses not only on the home interior, but also on the exterior. In Feng Shui, water garden or garden with pond is considered to be able to bring good luck into the home. The first advantage of a garden with pond is light. Water in the pond can reflect light so that it illuminates the dark areas around the pond. The sound of water splashing or water gurgling has a great calming effect.

A garden which is filled with various water plants will create a distinct atmosphere. It will make your home feel more colorful. Another advantage obtained from water plants is the life advantage. The life of fish inside the pond is believed to bring wealth. Also, the water is able to create a calming impression. This would be very suitable for a house which is too active.

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