Feng Shui Tips: How to Bring Good Luck into Your Home

Feng Shui Living Room Decoration IdeaA comfortable home is not only visually appealing. The atmosphere built in a comfortable house is also balanced and full of positive energy. This is what makes a house feel comfortable and filled with good luck.

It is actually not difficult to apply Feng Shui in your home. Simply consider the following things before you decorate your home based on Feng Shui:

Living room decoration
Living room is a place in which Chi or positive energy enters the house. Therefore, the living room should be located in the front part of the house. The door of the living room or the main entrance of the house should be made wide and inwards. It is intended that the Chi energy can easily enter and remain in the home.

There should be no other door or stairs behind the entrance. If it happens that there is another door or stairs behind the entrance, try providing a barrier so that the Chi will not directly leave the living room.

In home Feng Shui decoration you should also pay attention to the arrangement of the furniture. In the living room, try to choose furniture that has a simple design. Do not choose furniture with intricate ornamental designs since it will make you and other occupants of the house feel depressed. For the coffee table, select the one with a square or circle shape. Arrangement them in circle or square, too.

Other rooms’ decoration
Decoration for other rooms in your house really is not too much different. The most fundamental thing is only the location of the room. For example, the living room should be in the middle of the house and bedroom should be on the very quiet inside the house. Do not put the kitchen in the north since north is a symbol of water, while the kitchen is a symbol of fire. The kitchen should be placed in the south which is equally a symbol of fire.

Meanwhile, for the bedroom, the bed layout also means a lot. Make sure the headboard is attached to the wall. If it is not attached on  the wall, you might find it difficult to sleep soundly. Even when you are awake, you will feel tired.

There is one more thing that should be noted. Do not leave any room in your house too empty. An empty room will potentially be a haven of negative energy. Therefore, always try to fill every room in your house and make it functional. The lighting should also be able to illuminate the room evenly.

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