Feng Shui Tips: How to Bring Positive Energy into Your House

Home Feng Shui ElementsFeng Shui experts state that an entrance serves like a mouth which becomes an access for energy to go into and out of the house, including the positive energy. This energy is commonly referred to as Qi or Chi.

Chi will enter your house smoothly and easily when the main door or entrance is positioned properly according to Feng Shui. If this energy can enter your house smoothly, then you, other occupants of the house, and also your guests will feel the positive energy. You might feel the comfort, happiness, and other positive feelings.

Searcing for Chi
In Feng Shui, you have two ways to invite Chi to enter your house. The firs way is by searching for the Chi itself. Then, how? Feng Shui experts suggest that the quality of your building/house is related to your ability to trap the Chi in order for it to stay longer in your house. There are many ways to trap the Chi, like searching for the water force in front of the entrance. The water force can be obtained from an artificial pond, lake, sea, or river which is located in front of your house. However, you should not carelessly build a house in front of a river or other water sources. You have to consider the direction and location of your house.

According to Feng Shui, water is cooling. Besides, it is also highly related to wealth since there will be more Chi around water sources compared to other spots.

Absorbing Chi
The second way is to absorb Chi which exists outside the house. You are the one supposed to absorb it. Therefore, it is very necessary to place the main door facing the right area so that it can invite Chi to enter your house easily. The third way to obtain Chi is by dispersing it to the entire rooms of your house. Do it by considering the interior layout. For instance, you can add dividers, good lighting, and dynamic moving area.

Dispersing Qi
Well, to disperse the Chi to all of the rooms of your house, you should consider several things. First, make sure that the entrance is not in the same line with the back/rear door since this position will throw the Chi away, thus no Chi left inside your house. Second, avoid making a long and dark hallway in a room because it will weaken the Chi. To deal with this, you can provide good lighting to evoke the Chi. Third, avoid placing two doors that face each other because it can make the Chi split.

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