Feng Shui Tips: How to Present Water Element in Your Home

Backyard Landscaping with Koi Fish PondImage credit: hofstetterlandscaping.com

Water is one of the five elements of Feng Shui which is synonymous with peace and quiet atmosphere.

You can bring the water elements to your home. It can be in the form of fish pond, ornaments featuring water elements pictures/carvings, gurgling sound of water, and fountain. You can simply choose one kind of water element to be put in your house since too many kinds of water elements would create an unbalanced look.

Feng Shui ponds
Pond is highly recommended as a water element to be presented at home. Yet, Feng Shui suggests that the pond is located at the backyard thus you can obtain greater amount of positive energy.

Fengshui pond itself consists of two kinds, namely, fish ponds and fountains. If you choose a pond with no koi fish, then you better change it into a fountain. In the science of Feng Shui, a pond should have living things in it so that positive energy can come into your life. Without the koi fish, you seem to reject the presence of Feng Shui fortune. So it is better to change the concept of your pond, turning it into a fountain.

The sound of water
Small Pond with Unique FountainIn the science of Feng Shui, the sound of water also brings its own meaning. The sound levels of the water determine what energy entering your house. If the water gurgling is quite loud and sounds like waterfall, then negative energy will come. It is because Feng Shui doesn’t want a noisy sound, though it comes from the element of water. Sound that is too noisy will surely disrupts the lives of people who stay in the house.

Conversely, if the sound of water is soft, then positive energy will come. Positive energy tends to choose water gurgling sound that is slow and regular. That way, you and your family members who hear the sound will also feel calm, as calm as the water flows.

Pond’s size according to Feng Shui 
The size of a pond in Feng Shui is not described in detail. Either wide or narrow size is allowed, as long as the pond looks appropriate. There’s not set of rules that regulates how wide or deep a pond should be. The most important thing is the balance you give to the water in the pond. If it is a fountain, then you can simply make it small or medium in size. If you want to present a fish pond, then you should consider the size more carefully. A small fish pond will surely accommodate a few numbers of fish, and vice versa. 

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