Feng Shui Tips on How to Sleep Soundly

Woman Sleeping Covered by Many GadgetsFeng Shui science is able to provide a reference in all things and in every area in the property or real estate world. The bedroom is one of them. By applying the principles of Feng Shui in the bedroom, you could gain every good thing.

The implementation of Feng Shui in the bedroom would be better done in order to receive optimal positive energy and dispel negative energy in the room. Therefore, pay attention to the bedroom objects arrangement carefully so that you can always receive the positive energy.

1. Avoid placing mirrors facing the bed
The first thing you should consider is to avoid the presence of a mirror, glass or the like in your bedroom. Common people usually put a mirror with a large size in the bedroom. However, based on Feng Shui, it is strictly prohibited to do.

The existence of a large mirror facing the bed will bring negative energy because when you wake up, you will automatically see the mirror.  The science of Feng Shui does not suggest you put a large mirror with such a layout. You better put a mirror on the dressing table which is located on the side of your bed.

2. Keep the negative wave away 
Keeping the negative wave away is very important because it relates to the health of your body’s nerves. You need to keep the presence of objects such as radios, televisions, laptops, gadgets away from your bed because there is emission of waves of some electronic items that can cause negative energy. Better yet, if you do not put any electronic items in your bedroom.

3. Bed position in Feng Shui
According to the science of Feng Shui, you must select the position of the bed that is not attached to the wall of your bedroom. Only the headboard is placed against the wall. In addition, the right side, left side, and the bed’s legs should not be placed against the wall. This is to make the positive energy always come in your bedroom, since the bed that touches the wall will make you approach the negative energy in the room.

4. Bedroom furniture arrangement in Feng Shui
In order for you to feel truly relaxed in the bedroom, then consider each existing bedroom furniture. Make sure you arrange it properly, neatly, and cleanly. Do not let garbage pile up, especially if you have a space under the bed. Never use this space to store your goods.

Negative energy will stay in a messy room. You should be able to make your bedroom tidy. If it is tidy, healthy, clean and fragrant, sure you will also be happy to be there.

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