Feng Shui Tips: The Position of Dining Room and Bathroom in a Two Story House

Exotic Kitchen and Dining Room with Wooden FloorFeng Shui principles should be applied in every room in the house, including in a two story house design. In this type of house, many people find it difficult in determining the position of the dining room. Here’s what you need to consider:

Bathroom position
According to Feng Shui, a bathroom in the second floor should not be right above the kitchen and dining room underneath. If you insist so, the negative energy may come into your house. It is due to bathroom which is considered to have negative energy.

Move your dining room
There must be still a space in the first floor you can use as a dining room. Let the former dining room empty, or you can use it as a play area. Just make sure you don’t use the room under the bathroom as a kitchen or dining room. With only a little mistake, good luck might not come into your house, especially in terms of health.

Fortune comes from positive energy, not negative energy
Do not ever violate the Feng Shui guidelines for your house. Keep in mind that a dining room room should not be located near a bathroom. By following the Feng Shui rules, fortune will come to your life because the positive energy is present in your house. Your fortune is not from negative energy, thus get rid of it from your house.

The most important thing when you believe in the Feng Shui science is to do what it teaches. Similarly, when you build a two floor house, you should determine the location of the bathroom. However, if it already happen that your two story house features a bathroom right above the dining room, you should do something, e.g. move the dining room to another space.

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