Feng Shui Tips: Water Element Placements inside the Houses

Modern Minimalist Interior with AquariumMany people who know about Feng Shui will refuse placing the element of water in the house. It is because the incorrect placement of water elements will bring bad effects, such as marriage problems. So, how is the right placement of water feature such as ponds, aquariums, or water fountains which could bring a good luck?

The principle used in the placement of water elements in the house is the Fei Xing Theory (Flying Stars), known as Jiu Xing Theory (Nine Stars). In this theory it is said that the spread pattern of Chi energy inside the house is determined by the house direction of Ming Tang door (main entrance which has a hall/foyer).

In terms of the building direction, each direction (from the eight directions: North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, and Northwest) is divided into three, thus forming a 24 directions called the 24 mountain position. So there are 24 patterns of Fei Xing for each direction.

There are three kinds of energy in each sector namely Base Star, Facing Star  (Day Sin) or Water Star, and Sitting Star (Chor Sin) or the Mountain Star. These last two stars play an important role in the Fei Xing theory.

The Sitting Star is located on the left side, whle the Facing Star is on the right side. The Facing Star is associated to wealhty, while Sitting Star is related to social issues, which is the relationship between occupants which create a harmony.

There are nine stars (Jiu Xing) which are well known, namely Star 1 (Tan Lang Xing), Star 2 (Ju Men Xing), Star 3 (​​Lu Xing Cun), Star 4 (Cu Wen Xing), Star 5 (Wu Huang), Stars 6 (Cu Wu Xing), Star 7 (June Po Xing), Star 8 (Zuo Xing Fu), and the Star 9 (You Bi Xing). Among these stars, Star 1, 6, 8, and 9 are the ones which bring positive influence the most. While Star 2 and 5 are considered poor.

In principle, if the water feature is placed in the Facing Star sector (water), it would create a good effect. Conversely, if it is placed in bad stars (Star 2 and or Star 5), there will be a bad effect.

How do we know the location of the stars? The following is a table of the Star Spread Pattern according to the direction towards the entrance, and the position of good water feature good in the home:

Door Directions Height < 155 cm
NORTH-1 East, Northeast, North, and South
NORTH-2/ NORTH-3 South, Southwest, West, North
SOUTH-1 East, Northeast, North, Southwest
SOUTH-2/ SOUTH-3 Northeast, West, Southwest, South
NORTHEAST-1 Northeast, North, Northwest, West
NORTHEAST-2/ NORTHEAST-3 Southeast, East, Southwest, South
SOUTHWEST-1 Southeast, North, Southwest, South
SOUTHWWEST-2/SOUTHWEST-3 North, Southwest, South
EAST-1 East, North, Southwest
EAST-2/ EAST-3 Northeast, West, South
WEST-1 Southeast, East, North
WEST-2/ WEST-3 Northeast, North, Northwest, South
SOUTHEAST-1 The Southeast, Northeast, Northwest, West
SOUTHEAST-2/ SOUTHEAST-3 Southeast, East, Northwest, Southwest
NORTHWEST-1 Southeast, Northwest, Southwest
NORTHWEST-2/ NORTHWEST-3 The Southeast, Northeast, Northwest

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