Feng Shui: Use Fire Colors to Enhance Popularity

Warm Bedroom DesignAn artist would really want to be popular and famous. The reason is, the more popular an artist is, the greater the income.

So, how Feng Shui helps increase the popularity of an artist? Here is one Feng Shui tip to increase fame. This method was developed by Professor Thomas Lin Yun in the United States. Most of the users of Feng Shui in America follow the stream known as the Feng Shui of Tibetan Buddhism (Black Sect Tantric Buddhism).

What is the difference between this Feng Shui method and the traditional one? People in America call this as the New – Age Feng Shui which is admittedly not the same as the commonly Feng Fhui practiced in the native land, China.

However, it seems that American people focus more on the effects obtained rather that the method. It is probably because the New Age Feng Shui rule is easy to understand so there are more and more people follow.

Eight I- Ching Trigrams
The method is simple, but has the affectivity that is supposedly very effective. The simple principle is developed from the eight I- Ching Trigrams associated with their respective definitions.

The eight I-Ching trigrams are:
1. Kan (popularity)
2. Kun (wedding)
3. Dui (child)
4. Chian (mentor)
5. Li (career)
6. Gen (knowledge)
7. Chen (parents)
8. Xun (prosperity).

Each entrance to the house will be occupied by Li Trigram which is interpreted as a career.

Use fire colors
Popularity is associated with the Li Trigram – Fire. This trigram has fire elements, something which illuminates, creates certainty, and makes a person popular. It also associated with the color red. It means that if you put an object, it is better not to use the color blue or black which symbolizes water, since water can kill fire.

What objects are placed in a bedroom or workspace? To increase the popularity, the objects associated with your popularity should be selected. Let’s say you just graduated from college, you can put your diploma on the wall in the Li sector.

If you want to be a famous singer, you can put a picture of you and your favorite singer. Hang the picture on the right place, which is in the Li Trigram sector. Or, you can simply put something that triggers energy, such as night light, on the popularity corner of your bedroom.

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