Fire Elements for Your Most Vibrant Life

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Feng Shui is there to help you create a house with positive energy. If you feel that your house does not feel comfortable, you might need to recheck whether you have applied Feng Shui principles properly. For instance, if there are too many water and wood elements in your house, you will need to add more other elements.

The elements of water and wood are considered good in Feng Shui. Each has positive energy and good meaning for your life. However, all the elements of Feng Shui should be integrated in a balance. By adding the element of fire in your home, you are expected to become more encouraged in living your life.

You can involve the element of fire in the selection of interior and exterior design as well as symbols in the form of ornaments. Fire colors, such as orange, yellow, and red, can be chosen for the wall paint. However, it is better not use these colors for the whole part of your house. For instance, do not use them for a bathroom and kitchen since they can attract negative energy..

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Bathroom is always associated with the water element and will be damaged by the fire element. Similarly, kitchen which has a fire element should be balanced with the wood element or elements other than fire. If the fire element is combined with fire element, your fortune and good luck will be burnt.

Give additional fire elements in the living room, family room, or bedroom. Through the selection of fire colors for the interior, you can feel the spirit. It will make you more enthusiastic and spirited in living your life.

You can use the fire colors for your living room or family room sofa. Orange, red, or yellow interior color symbolizes fire. You can mix those colors with other cheerful colors. To make the interior look balanced, you can add the colors of wood and water elements.

According to Feng Shui, red and pink, as fire colors, are the perfect choice for your bedroom. It would be much better if your bedroom has a wide window so that the morning sunlight will easily illuminate the room. That way, your bedroom will not only make you enthusiastic and high-spirited, but also provides you a healthy air and healthy room. 

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