Front Door Designs: Express Your Personality

Big Front DoorEvery house has a door, definitely. Then, what considerations do you take when designing your house doors especially the front doors? Doors function important roles in your house. Besides functioning to close the entrance of a room or building, doors also carry a security function. It means that a front door must be strong, sturdy, and not easily broken.

In addition to the above functions, doors also carry aesthetic value through the design. The design of your front doors may reflect your personality as well. Through your front doors you can build a communication with the people outside. A close door reflects that you do not want to communicate with others for a while. An open door means that you are ready to have a communication with other people, letting your guess enter your house, your life. Well, that’s extreme. Should the difference between open doors and close doors become too extreme? Can a close door show your warmth, your friendliness, and your willingness to have a communication with others? Fortunately, the answer is a big yes.

The design of your front door speaks more loudly than you expect. It can show your image and your family’s as well. Through your front door design, people may get a certain impression whether your house is scary, haunted, prestige, exotic, full of anger, cool, warm, and so on.

The following are some examples of front door designs. Some doors look traditional, some are modern; some look minimalist, some are artistic. Well, from these pictures you can develop your own creative ideas then.

Front Doors and Windows

Classic Front Door

Minimalist Front Door

Front Door with Windows

Wood Front Doorimage credit: 

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