Fundamental Principles in Tropical Home Designs

Tropical House DesignLiving in a tropical country requires a smart home design to deal with the tropical climate. Nowadays some home designers have applied a modern tropical home design. With this design, which is realized in the home exterior and interior, the occupants will get a lot of advantages. It can help them save, either the money or the energy.

A tropical home is adapted from the tropical climate area condition which contains lust forests. It is then manifested in a tropical house either the interior or exterior. Thus, one feature of a modern tropical home is having lots of green plants. The modern element of a tropical home is something that is new or latest. Our newest home design today is the minimalist one in which this concept is very appropriate for those who have limited space. However, a minimalist home doesn’t mean a limited space home. It is more about its simplicity, practicality, and efficiency. You can ask architects to do this kind of thing.

When we talk about the concept of a tropical home, we also talk about balance, such as the balance between interior and exterior design. Like the tropical area, the scorching sun and the heavy rainfall are balanced by the number of plants that are believed to provide protection to the habitat underneath. Architects will also create the balance by using wide openings on the walls for the air circulation and let the sunlight enter the home so that it will become bright by natural lighting.

When designing a tropical home, we also need to consider using an overhang on the ceiling construction to overcome a heavy rainfall. A roof at a slope of 300 can help circulating the rainfall so that the home is far from any leaking risk.

Thus, the concept of balance in a tropical home design is actually linked to a natural atmosphere which blends with the nature. The ecology of the tropical nature is manifested in a concept which provides a lot of open spaces of green plants, either placed in the interior or exterior.

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