Furniture Interior Design Strategies to Deal with Small Spaces

Built-in Shelves Suitable for Small Room Decoration
Built-in Shelves Suitable for Small Room Decoration (

It will be so fun to decorate your home with a lot of accessories and fill it with your favorite furniture. However, it will be not that fun when your interior is just too small for those stuffs. Your small bedroom may not be enough for the bed, your clothes, your books, and other stuffs. You may want to fill your small living room with sofa, television, wall accessories, magazines, bookshelves, cabinets, and even a dining table. There are so many stuffs you want to put and display, yet you have a small space. Well, some other homeowners find this kind of difficulty as well.

Efficient Work Space in Small Room

Considering everything from the beginning
If you don’t want to face such complicated situation, then you should think about everything long before you live the house. You should make a list and consider what stuffs are allowed to put in your rooms. What I mean here is non furniture and furniture stuffs. Non furniture stuffs may include clothes, school/work equipments, and kitchen equipment, while furniture stuffs are the places in which the non furniture stuff are stored or displayed. If you do so, there will be no stuff having no place. Besides, you also can decide what type, size, and function of furniture you really need and meet your criteria.

For instance, you may need a wardrobe. By listing that you need a wardrobe, you can estimate how big is the wardrobe and how the drawers/spaces in the wardrobe will be used. The following picture shows an example of a wardrobe’s inside parts which are suited to the function and the users’ needs

Designing the inside and outside parts of the furniture
When you think about a set of furniture, you have to consider two things which are the inside part and the outside part. It is just like the old saying, “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. Once you want to purchase a set of furniture, make sure you also examine the function of the inside parts as well; not only how it looks outside.

White Built in Cupboard
White Built-in Cupboard (

Installing a built-in shelf
A built-in shelf is a shelf which is built in the wall so that it looks as if it is part of the wall. A built-in shelf which is installed up to the ceiling will provide a wide space for storage, yet it will not make your interior get narrower. You can install this kind of shelf in your small living room to store stuffs like shoes, hats, umbrellas, raincoats, and so on. All of those little stuffs will not make your room in a mess anymore. You can also find everything more easily and quickly in that more organized storage.

To sum up, my main point here is that if you do not want to use interior designers’ service yet you must fill and organize all the things in your house, do not go to the furniture store that is ready to sell finished goods. You better find any furniture craftsman or cabinet maker. Discuss the details of the function of the piece of furniture you order. Tell them the size and the number of the items you need.  Thus, there will be no goods scattered because they have no place; there will be no unused piece of furniture because everything has been measured thoroughly. 

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