Garden Feng Shui: Use the Energy of the Flower Colors

Backyard Garden DesignFlower colors symbolize Yin or Yang energy. Plants’ position and harmonious colors in the garden will bring good luck and peace for the occupants of the house.

Feng (wind) shui (water) is an expression of the power of the elements that flow from the natural environment (cosmic). But the cosmic force (qi) is not only invisible flow of energy from wind and water, but also the energy of the earth. In other words, feng shui is the art of living in harmony with nature in order to get the benefit from the cosmic power to create peace and prosperity.

Applying feng shui principles when designing, building and managing a home has been done by many people. But there might be only few people applying these principles in matching the plant layout and flower colors in the garden.

In order to obtain a favorable flow of energy in the garden, Yin and Yang elements must be balanced. Well, the flower or leaf color and ornament in the garden can help stimulate the flow of natural energy and enhance the creation of harmony.

The balance of Yin – Yang
The active Yan energy (active masculine/positive) symbolizes the sun and bright colors like red, orange, and yellow. The Yin energy (passive feminine/ negative) symbolizes the moon and soft colors such as purple, blue, and green. The front garden (public area) symbolizes the Yang energy, while the rear garden (private area) is a symbol of Yin energy.

Well, what colors of flowers should be selected? Because the front garden represents Yang energy, it should be planted with bright flashy colored flowers such as orange, red, and yellow. Those colors can absorb positive energy into the house. Moreover, these flowers need heats so they are suitable to be planted in the front are which has of a lot of sun exposure.

So, what fits in the back garden? To create peace in the back garden as a place of relaxation or contemplation, choose Yin colors like blue flowers, soothing purple, silver or grey leaved plants. Keep the flower color variants simple. If there are too various colors involved, it will disturb the balance of energy flow.

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