Garden Tips: Growing Plants in a Limited Space

White Fence with Beautiful Colorful PlantsThese are some great ideas to bring plants to your home without taking up much space. Try the following ideas.

Hanging plants
You can take care of the plant in plastic pots which are then added with wire for hanging them. Terraces, garages, and other places with sufficient light and air could be a choice of where to put the hanging plants. In order to keep plants grow upright, you can add wire and rope that hinder the movement of plants. In this way, you can have a beautiful hanging garden beautifying your house.

Plants on the wall
You can select some ferns and tie them in the fern media. After that, nail the fern media to the wall. If you have a quiet long wall, you can form some more attractive nailing patterns. In addition to green, the plants are also a decorative element on the wall.

Creeping plants on fence
Iron fences can be a place for plants to creep or to climb. Not only can you cover fence with creeping plans, but also the canopy and wall. Initially, creeping plants are planted on the ground near the fence. When they grew and spread, these tendrils started to follow the iron fence.

Plants on vertical pipes of water gutter
The pipes are wrapped first with fiber ropes that hold water and keep the humidity as the main requirement for epiphytic plants.

Plants on rocks
There is a more unique idea to bring green to your house by laying epiphytic plants on top of stone sculpture. The existence of moss as an indicator of moisture helps the roots of orchids attached to stones. If you have a pool at home, you can also maintain orchids on the pool barrier, such as river stone or the temple stone.

Placing plants inside the house
Besides giving freshness, some types of indoor plants are also able to absorb toxins in the room. Aglaonema, for example, can reduce benzene pollutants commonly found in cigarette smoke, detergents, paint, carpet, drywall, synthetic fibers, and rubber. Tillandsia, which is not flowering, can be placed in the home too.

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